Thursday, October 6, 2011

Family Dinner @ Talaga Sampireun

Actually it was a little bit special dinner for us, because we rarely come to this place, and of course there was a special occasion to remembered...........yess it was our 3rd wedding anniversary, although it was happened a day before but we're just get the time to spend together. @ Talaga Sampireun we ordered our favourite menu iga bakar penyet, and another vegetables, and appetizer also fresh juice. This place is totally cool, the ambience, atmosphere, setting out, and facilities also the services is preety good, we've just so satisfied. Especially for Dinara, she was so excited to get play at the playgroud, she run all over, up and down, also feeding the fishes, ohh yeaahh it was really fun. Anyway thank you Ayah has led us come here, fortunatelly we came on weekday which is not so crowded. We ever come here on weekend, OMG there was a long waiting list, and the playground full of children, so unfortunately we have to cancelled the idea and planning to come here at another day. Talaga Sampireun located not far away from our residences, it is about 5 kilometres away and of course there's no traffic jam on the way from home to the restaurant, that's way i really love to stay at Bintaro area.

This pictures taken while Dinara play at the playground :)

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