Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Welcome 2016, Year of Hope and Faith

Well, is it too late to say Happy New Year 2016? I don't think so, it's just 7 days pass of this new year. New year means new age for me, yeaahh 2nd of January was my birthday, i'm 32 years old now. Thank you Allah for giving me such an amazing life, i'm so grateful. Actually i'm so exciting to face this year, there'll be so many important event gonna happen this year. First, i really hope that i'm (insyaallah) gonna graduate from my master degree in this year. Second, our son Farabi gonna get his 1st experience in kindergarten school, ooh yeaah you are not baby anymore dear. 

And heeii, Dinara will get her 2nd grade of elementary school this year, and guess what Ayah also gona get his 1st experience go abroad to China for some bussiness trip, finally ahahahaha. And my nephew Hani, gonna get married this mid-year, which is mean the whole family gonna come together (maybe) in our home, ato directly to Bandung where the wedding party gonna held, yeaayy sooo happy. Last thing maybe we're gonna get new family member this year because my brother said that his wife is pregnant now, and i don't event know exactly how many my mom's grandchild right now, since i've to count all of my nephews/nieces.

Last but not least, once more i just wanna thank you to Allah SWT who is very kind to me, couldn't be grateful for more. Really hope that all the wishes will come true.

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