Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our Fave Spot at Lampung : Grand Elty Krakatoa Resort's Beach

Grand Elty Krakatoa Resort has become one of out fave spot to spent while travelling in Lampung, located between Bakauheni Port and Bandar Lampung City, it can access reachable for about 4 km from Trans Sumatera Highway. It's detail location at Trans Sumatera Highway KM 45 Merak Belantung, Kalianda South Lampung District. The resort has calm beachy, white sand, exotic scenery with Mount Rajabasa as background, and many water sport activity such as canoe, banana boat, snorkeling, or just havin relax at the beach's cafe. Actually it's located quite away from the capital city of Bandar Lampung, it's about 1 hour drive from the city. 

To be honest we didn't stay at the resort yet, since review from the travellers we read form Tripadvisor not so good. So we choose to stay at the capital city Bandar Lampung, for more reasons that we could explore the culinary better than stay at the resort. Last week is our fourth visit here, we came here before lunch time about 11 am and brought some meals for lunch, then we spent the day until 8 pm before went back to Jakarta. Ticket price for one day entering the resort's beach if we didn't stay at the resort for adults and children more than 5 yo was 50K IDR, but the 20K IDR used as a voucher for any F&B at the resort's bar and restaurant, well I said it's worth for value. For the first time we rent the canoe here, the price was 20K IDR for 30 minutes, kiddos was very excited and they're also enjoying swimming at the other side of the beach which was more calm than other side of the beach that more close to the Mount Rajabasa in the background. Actually the beach quite flat that kids can swimming safely. We love to had some activity here because it's not too crowded, the beach clean enough, and the resort offers some beach activities. 

Fortunately our visit last week, the moon shine beautifully, we spent the night at the Rodeoz Beach Cafe enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, coffe and french fries, for those we just spent about 25K IDR plus 2 voucher each value 20K IDR from the entry tickets, it was very nice experience. Well we'll back here for our next visit to Lampung for sure, we love this place and would recommend our relatives and friends to come here (but not to stay since we had no experience yet).

My fave picturesque spot

Her first time canoeing experience

Happy mommy, happy kids :D

The moon shine beautifully as our family pic background

It's hard enough to get just both of us picture 

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