Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Life Experience

As posted before (http://mydinara.blogspot.com/2015/01/welcome-january-2015.html) told that i'm a college student now, so here i am at Students Dormitory Jatinangor as my resident for several days except Friday until Monday coz i'm back at home while there's no lectures. 

So happy for being a student again since a decade ago i'm graduated form my bachelor degree. After years i've to study hard again, i'm glad to know that God gave me the perfect time to begin this new step. For some people took master degree means going away from office hectics, but not for me. I'm so happy with my office, the bosses, friends, tasks, everythings. I don't wanna go away from my office for some reasons, but i thought this is the time i've to improve my skills, i've to learn a lot, although i've to leave my children and my beloved hubby for days.

Being a college students means i have more 'me time', sounds selfish heh? But when i have 'me time', i have a lot of tasks from lectures that i've to do every weeks, i'm not doing such a unimportant things except watching movies from laptop or even just for browsing, i study hard as good as possible.

Thank you Allah for gave me best hubby of the universe, he take care the kiddos while i'm away. He wake up kk Dinara in the morning, got to do her to take a bath, pick her up to the school, and at night he read them stories before sleeping, he also hold Farabi when he suddenly woke up looking for me, Thank's God, Allah also sending us nice kids, always make everybody happy. But for some reasons i don't know why i'm became more selfish lately, i always got mad to them because of unnecessary things. I'm so sorry kiddos, i wish i could hold myself. I just wanna be the best for both of you.

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