Tuesday, December 25, 2012

One happy day at playland

Since we saw a side of mall Living World, Alam Sutera, Tangerang Selatan which shown a playland arena from the street we decided to took Dinara there. Because it seems great fun place, so last weekend we planned to go there. The place named Lollipops playland and cafe, first impression  when touch down to this place that it looks soo great fun. Dinara suddenly running in even we didn't bought the ticket yet, because we came in at weekend so the ticket price is IDR 100.000 for kids between 2-12 yo, and IDR 20.000 for adults. This place huge enough, and there was so many games both for "motorik kasar" and "motorik halus". The poin is this the place where she called 'heaven' :D
Dinara looves playland more than everything, so that she could jumping, climbing, playing balls, fishing fish (real fish of course), running everywhere, and absolutely she got friends, coz she's kind a friendly person. But  what made us so much proud of her, that she brave enough to try outbond indoor area by herself, she done it without needed us to accompanied her when she has to start, there's only outbond guards to take care the children so that we though it was safety enough to leave them play. Ayah and Ibu also Farabi just watched from away and took video of her activities.

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