Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dinara's 1st day to school

Yeaayy, the day has come. Her 1st day to school.
Both of us (Ibu and kk Dinara) were so excited about this, she's even more excited than me coz she already asked us about this from several month ago. Finally the chosen school is Playgroup LPPQ Al Hidayah which is nearby to our house. The school is basically an Islamic school, so we thought it's a great choice to introduce her to the way of Islam as our religion from early, coz  both of us (Ayah&Ibu) agreed that our children should have basic learnings about religion besides general lessons. She was a great student in her 1st day to school, no crying, no drama at all.........yeayyy i'm a proud mommy. She's such an independent lil girl, she was keep lookin' at the teacher whether the teacher gave an instrcution to let them got to the class (first of all the students have to line up at the school yard for chanted slogans of school and praying as an Islamic way), then they have to put their own shoes at shoes rack neatly, so they could get to the class regularly. But when I helped her to put her shoes not in the shoes rack coz it's already full of another students shoes, she was yelled to warned me " Ibu why you put my shoes not at the shoes rack, the teacher told us to put our shoes at the shoe rack neatly", so that suddenly i appologize to her and explain if the shoes rack already full of another students shoes so there's no more space to put Dinara's shoe at shoes rack. OMG she's soo awesome, both of her EQ and IQ were so brilliant. At her 1st day she's been a good student, she understood what the teacher said and could get an interactivea activity with the other student, and she's already have many friends soon. Ohh dear, we loove u soo much :*

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