Sunday, June 15, 2014

My 2nd Race : Jakarta Green Run 5K

As my promised before that i will join another 5K run, so yesterday both of us (my hubby and i) took Jakarta Green Run held by Astra Group. It was held at Parkir Timur Senayan, the routes was : Parkir Timur Senayan-Semanggi-Sudirman Street-Pemuda Membangun Sculpture-Parkir Timur Senayan. Whatta coincidence that there was four running event held at same place (or almost same place around GBK/Senayan), they were Jakarta Green Run (5K), Halo Fit Run (10K), Fun Run 1000 Lari Nusantara (5K), Taiwan Happy Run (5K). So the participant running together at the main route on car free day (CFD) along Sudirman dan MH. Thamrin Street. On my 2nd race, my record time was 38'22", while Ayah's was 39'30", well mine was better than before while Ayah's did his best. Overall i thought that Jakarta Green Run event not as good as Safe Running Pocari Sweat held on May 2014 which i joined with Retno, unfortunately Retno can't joined with me for Jakarta Green Run coz of her schedule for bussiness trip. Jakarta Green Run was Astra International's series of events "Green Campaign", there was several boots of communities exhibition around Parkir Timur Senayan for recycling solid waste, stay away from tobacco communities, farming communities, some of Astra's CSR communities for environmental conservation and many more, there was also musical percussion perfomance using plastic tools. . 

When we got  some relax after finished, i saw the medal from Halo Fit Run wore by Halo Fit Run's participants was so cool almost same like Pocari Safe Running medal. But our's was good enough, it's a rounded plate carved with recycling symbols. Since we felt starving, several minutes after finished we leave the venue craving some breakfast. 

Well let's hunt for another race after Lebaran Day hubby !!

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